"Acidosalus probiotics are winning and globally recognized probiotics that prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria, strengthens the immune system and alleviates allergies. Completely safe for children, pregnant women and lactose intolerant people. Perfect for disordered digestion, rheumatism, skin diseases and endemic species!" Probiotics are produced by  Marina Lab Opus family company from Croatia that is producing medical products / devices, cosmetics, special purpose cosmetics and food supplements.           




Winning Product

Vaginal Probiotic


100% Natural Product


Blended with Essentials Oils of St.John Wort, Netlle, Tee Tree, Garlic,Buchers Broom & Propolis 

Jadrankina Formula 

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Strong effect of the Serum and the nourishing impact of the cream in one product. Contains high hydration factors of argan and avocado oil, cotton seeds, marigold extract, shea butter, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA and vanilla, nutmeg , sage and lavender essences.

Jadrankina Solution


Herbal Iodine Solution Concentrate - A unique product based on the essential Mineral Iodine

"The company JadroMel from Croatia produces top quality  food supplements. We have launched two brands of supplements –  Jadranka’s solution and Jadranka’s formula.

The company JadroMel guarantees the quality and safety of its products – we hold the international  HACCP certificate in the production of food supplements. Our top product, recognized by the entire region and Europe, is the Herbal Iodine Solution Concentrate – JADRANKA’S SOLUTION, developed by the enterpreneur Jadranka Vrhovec.

Herbal Iodine Solution Concentrate – JADRANKA’S SOLUTION is an innovation in the category of food supplements on the domestic and EU supplementation market."


Natural algae, known as a source of iodine, are often saturated with metals, toxins, as well as bacteria and yeasts due to pollution, but the algae used to prepare Jadranka's solution are grown in artificial pools under specially controlled conditions, so their purity is impeccable. .

Jadranka's solution is obtained from a combination of several types of red and brown algae that are rich in iodine.

These algae are converted into nanoparticles by a special process so that iodine, after taking the solution, can enter each of your cells, that is, so that the utilization of this mineral in your body is maximum.