About Pro-Orbit

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Pro-orbit ltd  ls a small UK distribution company managed by Marijana Vlahovic. We believe that health is the greatest blessing in life and we need to look after it. Throughout our evolution, the importance of natural products for medicine and health has been enormous. History of medicine dates back practically to the existence of human civilization.  Natural products sometimes exhibit pharmacological or biological property that can be of therapeutic benefit in treating diseases. As such, natural products are the active components not only of most traditional medicines but also of many newer medications. They help us all make it easier to enjoy our life and stay healthy!

Pro-orbit ltd distributes products made by Marina Lab Opus and JadroMel  family company that produces innovative  food supplements, medicinal products / devices, cosmetics and special purpose cosmetics based on natural raw materials which are thoughtfully effective in maintaining of our health and beauty. Marina Lab Opus has got award-winning and globally recognized probiotic products. 

JadroMel produces  natural nutritional supplements of the highest quality. The company JadroMel guarantees the quality and safety of its products – they hold the international  HACCP certificate in the production of food supplements. Their top product, recognized by the entire region and Europe, is the Herbal Iodine Solution Concentrate – JADRANKA’S SOLUTION, developed by the enterpreneur Jadranka Vrhovec.